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English home page. WIP.

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Game rules

The game rules have been copied directly from the support guild(with some proofreading).

1.No self-bots/bots/macros can be used to accelerate your progress, you will be banned if you are caught.

2.Using multiple accounts to help your main account or your team is forbidden because the game is not made to support that, and this will give an unfair advantage. You may have multiple accounts but never trade with it otherwise you will be banned.

3.Flooding logs with a spam of attacks and give commands with the unique intention of spamming the logs is forbidden.

4.Impersonation of other players is strictly forbidden and will result in your ban

5.The trade involving nudes (no matter who on the images sent and no matter if the image is true) is strictly prohibited, anyone being a salesperson or buyer will be banned indefinitely. Note that is rule is also true for doxing, revealing true identify of others or anything like that, we do not take that lightly.

6.It is forbidden to sell EnderBot resources for real money. However, if you want to do it anyway because there is no way to check, we [the owner and administration] will not compensate for any scams. This includes any transaction involving things foreign to the bot will be at your own risk. Just do not complain to us [the server administration and owner].

Wiki rules

Currently, anyone can edit this wiki. However, please join the official Discord guild first. The channel #edition_wiki should be used to discuss changes on this wiki. Pages that reached a certain level of quality will be protected. Once the whole wiki is complete, only trusted users will be able to edit it.