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Some commands


EnderBot is a RPG Discord bot, including lots of different features. The whole thing is a one-man project and the code is closed-source. The bot is fully translated both in English and in French.

We are currently working on a Wiki and a guide, however the >help page gives you the basics to understand the game.


EnderBot offers a lot of way to gain resources and XP points but one of the best way is still the >mine command, the whole economy relies on the extracted resources. Yeah, this is a capitalist game.

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The game has lot of different resources and items, all your wealth is visible with a single command. Note that at a certain level, you can hide your inventory to other indiscret players !

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The Tower is a fully functional reaction-based mini-game, it allows you to travel through 100 levels to fight 100 bosses and get chests. This command is heavily linked to >boss.

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You can fight 100 different bosses in the game to get some chests and loots useful to the >enchant command. This mechanics depends on your level as well as your sword and your shield.

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Crafting plays a big role in the game, you can upgrade six different items, all with their own utility. Crafting is as simple as clicking on a reaction. You can can upgrade your items with >craft [item] ; the upgradable items are the following : Pickaxe, House, Ring, Generator, Sword, Shield.

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You can trade your resources with other players, there is no centralized marketplace so you can do your own trading network with your friends and get some good deals ! (Or a you can join a big guild and trade with them, because capitalism)

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